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The Rose Center for Integrative Health is now accepting both on site and TeleMedicine appointments to help veterans. Rose Center is part of the nation veterans community care network and the first in the Nation to implement this program for the V.A.

About The Rose Center For Integrative Health

Patients looking for access to the latest, most transformative treatments for PTSD, depression, and chronic pain find it at The Rose Center for Integrative Health. At their welcoming, open office by the Loop in Chicago, the dedicated team of licensed doctors led by integrative medicine specialist Glenn Harrison, MD, works with patients to help them find the right treatments — and regain their quality of life. 

The Rose Center for Integrative Health differs from other doctor’s offices in two notable ways. First, patients never feel rushed during their appointment or pushed through a system. The staff takes time to listen to each patient and discuss their treatment options in as much detail as the patient wants. 

They believe that access to the full scope of medical information empowers patients to make the right decisions for their physical and mental health. 

Secondly, The Rose Center for Integrative Health offers treatments that are new and less commonly used today. They choose to offer these treatments because they have seen the mounting medical evidence showing their effectiveness and safety in treating some of the most pressing issues of our day, including depression, PTSD, and chronic pain. 

Specifically, some of the groundbreaking treatments they offer include ketamine, cannabis, and psychedelic integration therapy. 

Patients who are tired of trying the same thing for their condition without seeing results find a different path at The Rose Center for Integrative Health. The dedicated team is here as a partner to develop a personalized, pressure-free program to help patients lead their healthiest, most balanced life. 

Get started by calling The Rose Center for Integrative Health or scheduling your appointment online today. 

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